Monday, September 27, 2010

Balancing Colors

This is an image of the sunset across TaƱon Strait from Sta. Filomena, Alegria, Cebu, Philippines on November 17 2008. It was derived from the original photograph shot by the artist and was processed with the paint daubs filter and then posterized. The whole image was also texturized in medium-fine sandstone. 

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This image belongs to the gallery Sunsets of Contrasts.

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The first shot
This is a fine day for shooting sunsets; I had three very nice shots from this day alone. The first shot was taken from a spot near our home with fishing boats moored of the coast, and much earlier than the other two. The scene here is darker, too, owing to the thick rain clouds hovering above and moving towards the south. My timing was right for a small parting of the clouds just below the sun, allowing the rays to pass through.

The second shot
After taking the first shot I moved to a spot near our village marine sanctuary, and waited about 15 minutes before starting to shoot again. Now the scene is very much different from the previous one, with the rain clouds already consolidating. The thick dark clouds are still there but white clouds have moved in and settled till twilight.  

The third shot
The third shot of the day was taken at twilight from the same spot as the second. The dark rain clouds have consolidated even more but the white ones have stayed in more or less the same place and now illuminated into a bright orange with the sun now well below the horizon.

November 23
It will be six days before the sunset presented itself in a very nice way again. The days are now getting shorter and colder; we're now moving into the cold, dry season. Red sunsets are getting rare, but Christmas is in the air.

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Poster art on canvas

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