Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Divine Light Descends

This is an image of the sunset across TaƱon Strait from Sta. Filomena, Alegria, Cebu, Philippines on November 17 2008. It was derived from the original photograph shot by the artist and processed with the accented edges and crosshatch filters. The image was also texturized in fine sandstone. 

See the framed image and details.
This image belongs to the gallery Blue Sunsets.

This post-processing technique does little in the way of making the image look like hand-made artwork, but I really find the details to be too nice to be obliterated. On this article I decided to make a comparison of the image above with the same image that has undergone two other different techniques that I often use in my work.

Dry brush and crosshatch
This image has underwent the dry brush and crosshatch filter. As can be seen, much detail has been lost here, but the image looks like a painting done with a wide brush. The processing though, has rendered the sun's rays to "soft" that it seems to have lost much its energy. 

This is the posterized version of the image. Posterization  tends to turn an image flat, consolidating areas of the same tonal quality and isolating them from others with different such qualities. The less there are number of levels, the less and the bigger there are such areas. Still I find this technique useful especially for cloudless images with still waters. 

November 15

Every day during the last three days has yielded very good sunset shots, and they have one thing in common - they all have green sunsets. The November 15 sunsets were also green, and so was that of November 16 pictured at right and the one featured above.  

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